A must-have app for every fashion retailer!

Fashion is widely recognized as one of the world’s most dynamic and advanced industries. But as the competition grows, the challenges grow too! Retailers face numerous challenges, such as payment uncertainty, quality concerns, etc. And with the digitization of retail trading, challenges have surely been tackled to some extent, but the competition has become more volatile and significant.
We at ShowroomB2B believe that retailers’ problems are our problems, so we simplified everything for them. From quality check to delivery, ShowroomB2B has covered it all. With India’s leading B2B platform at your service, it is easy to reach new heights for your retail business.

What’s an experience, if not exceptional!

Times have changed, and all businesses are gradually moving toward digitalization. Specific eCommerce applications and B2B-B2C web portals have revolutionized the conventional ways of trading and operating businesses. This change has proved very beneficial for garment business owners, as they have achieved greater transparency and reach for their businesses through digitization.
B2B marketplace apps have grown in popularity and use as more people make online purchases using their devices. We believe it’s time to make trading efficient between retailers and manufacturers and simplify the process by saving time and effort and increasing profits. India’s ShowroomB2B is an app that has made a name for itself in the B2B online marketplace.
Through the application, retailers/wholesalers can easily gain access to products at wholesale prices. As a platform that bridges the gap between manufacturers and retailers, it is the right approach to all B2B issues.

Quality is our first priority!

ShowroomB2B addresses the major stumbling blocks in any businessman’s path to success. For example, we discovered that placing online orders is a risk because one cannot evaluate the quality of the products beforehand. Therefore, we developed a unique solution that allows retailers to check the quality of the garment and assess it in real life before placing a bulk order; the “touch and feel” principle. Retailers can visit our Experience Centers and ensure their trade without any risks. Experiencing the apparel before placing an order at Showroom B2B significantly reduces the need for returns, and in case a return is still needed, the procedure is simple.

We care about your security!

At Showroom B2B, we understand the importance of ease, privacy, and security. Therefore, we offer multiple payment methods, including credit card, debit card, net banking, NEFT, RTGS, and IMPS, and cash on delivery with the highest level of discretion.
Is it really that simple? It is, indeed! When a retailer is connected with ShowroomB2B, everything works swiftly.

Augment the profit margins

ShowroomB2B is a network-centric B2B trade platform for small and medium-sized businesses in India. It unites Indian wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers, and sellers on a single platform. ShowroomB2B gives them the power of technology to scale and nurture their business by providing actionable insights.
Do you need more reasons to opt for a smart way of trade?
Contact us to learn more about our services, or download the ShowroomB2B app.
For more information, please email us at info@showroomb2b.com or call +91-8791977960.



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